Experience and entertainment Folk games

    Besides providing comfortable and convenient accommodations for our guests, Cantho Eco Resort also targets entertainment needs with familiar and highly collective folk games, helping to bond with our visitors. You will feel surprised when participating in unique, one-of-a-kind games at the Resort. Furthermore, we also build customized entertainment programs for each customer who wants to create a “unique and strange” experience.

    Team Building
    Team Building

    Water playground

    The water playground has a Southwestern feel with games that evoke childhood memories. Participating in water games is a great idea for young and dynamic groups of people. Participate in the game while enjoying the fresh green space. Cantho Eco Wonderland would like to introduce some fun, easy-to-play team-building games that still achieve the goal of bonding between members.

    Rock, paper, scissors, jump
    Shaking bridge
    Climbing Coconut Trees in the Southwest
    Wukong steals peaches
    Eco Arena
    The great Battle of the Rope Bridge
    Mountain bike
    Swing across the ditch

    Land playground

    Teambuilding is a must-have activity in group and company trips because this is an opportunity to make the trip have more interesting experiences as well as help “Build a culture, eliminate gaps” for the team. Most team-building games on land are highly physical.

    Name the team
    Buffalo go plowing
    Ride a horse to collect eggs
    Jumping the sack
    Tug of war
    Carry water back to the village
    Giant wheels
    Play soccer with teammates


    Traveling to the Southwest of Vietnam not only allows you to enjoy fresh air, many delicious specialties, fragrant flowers, sweet fruits, and fishing all year round. This place is also an ideal place to go back to childhood memories. It will be even more interesting to go to the Southwest, roll up your pants, wade in ditches, splash water, and catch fish. This is considered a typical river activity of people in the Southwest of Vietnam. Fishing is the greatest joy of people after a hard farming season. You will be transformed into a genuine farmer, chasing schools of fish in the pond.