Cantho Center Restaurant

    Cantho Center restaurant includes indoor and outdoor areas, with a luxurious, modern, and airy design, giving you a truly comfortable dining space to enjoy the quintessence of Southwestern cuisine of Vietnam made by Eco’s chefs.

    Morning buffet: 06:30 – 09:30
    Alarcate menu: 06:00 – 22:00
    Capacity: 150 people

    Eco Cuisine Restaurant

    The Coconut Trees restaurant area is located on a 500m2 lake campus with 12 separate huts named after 12 Mekong Delta provinces along with the Cantho Eco Center restaurant, creating the characteristics of 12 provinces and 1 central city in the nine-dragon land (Mekong Delta). The spacious and open space covered with refreshing green coconut trees will bring you satisfaction as well as a feeling of relaxation when enjoying cuisine and fishing.

    Outdoor Event

    One of the advantages of outdoor parties is that the open space and closeness to nature will make you feel comfortable interacting and immersing yourself in the party as well as participating in fun activities, and entertainment,… Therefore, organizing outdoor events is a great opportunity to connect people to bond with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

    Restaurant Menu